About the project

Hello there, I am a fourth year Social Anthropology student at the University of Kent and I have been given the unique opportunity to make a ten minute film under Mike Poltorak’s module ‘Visual Anthropology’. I have chosen to do my film on Stand-up Comedy. The reasons behind this started off fairly straightforward, but as the project developed I discovered that there is more to it than I originally anticipated. Primarily I chose this because I wanted to do something light-hearted, engaging and nothing too demanding for a first time filmmaker. Furthermore, I have always been interested in what motivates people to do stand-up, being such a difficult practice and ultimately unrewarding in most cases. During my studies I found an unexpected intimacy between Social Anthropology and comedy, the way humor can turf up uncomfortable truths and tacit knowledge that can otherwise be problematic to get to. As the project has developed I have become increasingly interested in the Stand-up’s role in society, perhaps more than just an entertainer; the everyman’s philosopher or the modern prophet. Somebody who has the an intimate bond with mass audience and a license to bring  up topics that can undermine state or media…

In my short 10 minute film I wish to try and reveal a little about these dynamics of stand-up, what it is like being a stand-up and a little about the stand-up being more than just an entertainer…

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